‘BeyBlade’ Attack as Finlay Left Lying on IMPACT 【NJoA】

Backstage attack shocks on Thursday show

IMPACT kicked off in high profile form this week, as Jay White hit the ring to team up with potential ‘BULLET CLUB prospect’ Chris Bey to face the Good Brothers in a tag team match made seven days prior. 

White started with Anderson, and after countering a pair of headlock takeovers, launched a stinging chop in the corner before tagging in Bey to see what he could do against the Brothers. 

Bey launched a smooth dropkick to Anderson, but the Machine Gun was able to muscle his opponent into the corner, where the match shifted to himself and Gallows. With a big delayed vertical suplex from the big man doing its damage, the Good Brothers ruthlessly dictated the pace, a side slam and thunderous lariat testing the ‘Dashing’ Bey’s resolve. 

A cross body finally created a tag opportunity for White, who tore into Anderson and delivered a pair of DDTs and a Bladebuster. Further testing Bey, White made the tag and watched as Bey delivered a reverse TKO for two, but he would be cut off by a boot. White broke up a Magic Killer attempt, but bailed from the ring after taking a Gallows kick in response, as Bey received a chokeslam and then the Magic Killer for three. 

Later on IMPACT, FinJuice teamed with the equally flamboyant duo of Fallah Bahh and No Way to take on Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera in eight man action. 

Fulton tried to slam the gigantic Baah out of the gate, but there was too much weight to lift as Madman found himself in the wrong corner. Fulton was squashed by all four men in the corner, but when Baah hoisted the big man on his shoulders, Raju hit the ring to cut him off with a strike to the knee. 

Now Baah was stuck in the opposition corner, until an Austin Sunset Flip attempt saw him get crushed. Finlay was waiting for the hot tag and cleaned house; when Shera set up the Resurgence NEVER challenger for a suplex, Juice saved his partner, leading to a double dropkick and a plancha for Robinson. 

As the match broke down, Raju atatcked Finlay only to take a No Way pop-up punch. As Baah was left legal, Fulton was sent flying, but Austin took out Baah and then a pile of competitors with a Fosbury Flop. That left Finlay alone with Raju however, and after Trash Panda, Finlay picked up the win. 

After their match, FinJuice were delivering comments backstage when they were brutally attacked by Jay White and Chris Bey. Bey backed up his in ring test performance with brutality backstage as he took out Robinson while White levelled an equipment crate at Finlay’s head. With Resurgence just two weeks away, will Finlay be in any shape for a response?