Notice to Budokan attendees this weekend 【G129】



Notice to Budokan attendees this weekend 【G129】

The G1 Climax finals are finally upon us! It’s the hottest weekend of the summer, as we find out who will rule over the Lion’s Kingdom!

Monday’s final is completely sold out. There are however event day tickets available for Saturday and Sunday’s events. Event day tickets will be on sale from 1PM on each day in the following tiers:

Saturday August 10: Arena, 2F stand A, 2F Stand B

Sunday August 11: 2F Stand A, 2F Stand B

Ticket information:

Important information for attendees:

There will be no intermission during any of the three events.

Re-entry to the Budokan is prohibited. If you have to hand over tickets to a friend, or want to purchase merchandise, do so before entering the Budokan.

Merchandise will be sold at the Science Museum in  Kitanomaru Park. There will be no merchandise sold at the tents in front of the Budokan. Please purchase goods before the event. Merchandise will be sold from the Science Museum on Monday August 12 after the event only for 30 minutes. (event programs will be sold in the lobby of the Science Museum and the tent in front of the Budokan)

Stands selling food and drink, and vending machines are in the venue. Please ensure you stay adequately hydrated. Alcohol is not sold in the Budokan.

Cans and glass bottles are not allowed inside the venue.

There are no lockers or cloak rooms in the venue. 

Tickets may not be re-issued for any reason, even with proof of purchase. Please make sure you keep your ticket with you at all times until the event is over.

Thank you for your co-operation and understanding. We can’t wait to see you at the Budokan!