Bring forth the power of EVIL with the magic circle fan!



Bring forth the power of EVIL with the magic circle fan!

Make your Halloween truly EVIL this year!

After his light-up scythe was a sell out smash hit earlier this year, EVIL has now introduced the second in his series of occult devices. Create a magic circle using your own hands with the “Magic circle light-up fan”:  out now!

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■EVIL DARKNESS Magic Circle Fan

Price (incl. tax):¥2,800

When you press the switch on the main body, the blades start spinning, a “magic circle” is summoned and a refreshing “wave of darkness” is released!

The King of Darkness himself, EVIL, has engraved his name on in purple on the bottom of each item!

With the arcane and occult power of AAA batteries, you too can summon a magic circle from the palm of your hand.

Witches and Warlocks, Ghosts and Zombies stalk the earth in the Halloween season. Shroud yourself in an appropriate disguise and cover all the world in DARKNESS with the power you now hold!

Whenever you’re tired, feeling blue, or need to feel refreshed, rest assured that “Darkness Power” is on your side anytime, anywhere!

Before watching EVIL’s matches, charge your “Darkness Power” by absorbing the aura of the “Magic circle” into your soul!

Once EVIL makes his appearance, send forth your “Darkness Power” through the “Magic Circle” to enhance the power of the “King of Darkness” EVIL!

* The most powerful method of transmitting your “Darkness Power” to the King of Darkness is the “Darkness Form”, where a magic circle appears in the palm of your hand.

(While holding the main body in the left hand, open your right hand and hold it from behind the fan blades)

Country of Origin:China
Size of body:ht. 110× wt. 35× bt. 55㎜
Fan blade size:85㎜ diameter


◆ Target age 12 years old or older.

◆ Please be careful not to inconvenience other fans when at events.

◆ The motor creates noise, so please be considerate of others around you.

◆ After use, be sure to turn off the power before storage.

◆ When in use by children or the elderly, the supervision of a guardian is recommended to prevent any unexpected accidents.

◆ Please keep out of reach of small children.

◆ Do not put your fingers or foreign objects into the fan blades. It may cause injury or malfunction.

◆ Refrain from prolonged exposure to the wind generated by the fan.

◆ Please do not use near your eyes.

◆ Do not use or store in direct sunlight, hot and humid places, or near open flames.

◆ Do not give to children under 3 years old due to the risk of accidents or accidental ingestion.

◆ This product has a sharp edge. Always check your surroundings before use.

◆ There are small parts, so do not put them in your mouth. There is a danger of suffocation.

◆ Refrain from throwing or handling the device roughly, as it may cause damage to the item, yourself or others.

◆ Never disassemble, repair, or modify this product.

◆ Do not get the device wet.

◆ Do not look directly into the light.

◆ Please note that colors may fade over time.

◆ When disposing of the product, please follow your local recycling procedures.