Young Lion Cup Update (Day 6)

Night six of the Road to Destruction tour sees action hit Aichi and the Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall!

Event day tickets on sale at noon!

Young Lion Cup matches will be available on demand after the event on NJPW World!


Yota Tsuji (1-1) vs Clark Connors (1-1)

Yota Tsuji received a huge boost on his Young Lion Cup campaign Sunday when he defeated Yuya Uemura. Although Tsuji would remark after the match that it wasn’t their last battle, it was the first time in well over a year of direct competition that we saw Tsuji take a definitive upper hand. After 21 draws and eight matches with traded wins across a tour, Tsuji literally (giant) swung past Uemura to record his first two points. 

Connors had a harder time against his own, LA Dojo contemporary Karl Fredricks. Perhaps allowing coach Katsuyori Shibata’s words, labelling him the ‘captain of the LA Dojo’, to get to his head, Connors couldn’t get the job done against Fredericks in Korakuen Hall, instead submitting to a half Boston crab. As the feud between the Japanese and LA Dojos continues, Tsuji will have a powerful mental advantage going into this third league match.


Ren Narita (1-1) vs Alex Coughlin (2-0)

A fair subtitle to this league bout could be the ‘Battle of the Bridges’. The undefeated Coughlin would show his phenomenal bridging prowess against Michael Richards in Korakuen, using the arch to add excruciating pressure to an already snug Indian Deathlock that forced the Fale Dojo representative to submit. 

Meanwhile, Narita has preternatural bridging ability of his own, with his high Gable grip Narita Special #4 suplex having brought him several wins in the past. As of late however, including against Shota Umino in Togane, Narita hasn’t quite been able to secure that gorgeous bridge after the front suplex, which has allowed his opponents to escape at the count of two. Can Coughlin keep up his perfect record with his perfect bridge? Or can Narita bridge first to get his second win?