Strong Style Shopping (October 25 2019)

SUPER Jr. TAG LEAGUE 2019 is here! As the best Jr. Heavyweight tag teams in the world come to Japan to amaze the crowds with their acrobatic yet hard-hitting style, we at NJPW are putting out some awesome new designs for our fans to enjoy.

For all the latest New Japan goods, check out the New Japan Shop site (now in English!)


LIJ stadium jacket ¥9,000 incl. Tax

Weather starting to get a bit colder? Assen na yo!
The LIJ stadium jacket is here to keep you warm!


Jyushin Thunder Liger sukajan ¥29,700 incl. Tax

Orders are flooding in to the NJPW Premium store for the Jyushin Thunder Liger sukajan jacket! We ship overseas as well! This will be a limited run, so don’t hesitate, check it out!

Premium store:


Jyushin Thunder Liger – Blue Liger Tee – ¥3,500 incl. tax

The World Legend himself, Jyushin Thunder Liger has come out with a brand new T-shirt to celebrate his lengthy career which will culminate in a massive goodbye this January. Grab yours now to show your support for the World Legend!


Hiroshi Tanahashi x Guts Dynamite Cabaret Tee – ¥4,000 incl. tax

Internationally acclaimed designer Guts Dynamite Cabaret is teaming-up with Hiroshi Tanahashi! Having designed the Ace’s most memorable and eye-catching costumes over the years, he’s coming out with a brand new T-shirt for Tana!


Ryusuke Taguchi & Rocky Romero Tee – ¥3,000

The two (self-appointed) head coaches of New Japan are finally teaming-up to pool their tactical acumen and seize the glory through their superior strategic thinking. Grab this new T-shirt and maybe some of their genius will rub off on you! (not a guarantee)


Will Ospreay & Robbie Eagles – The Birds of Prey tee – ¥3,000 incl. tax

The sensational new tag team that is taking the world by storm. Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles are the Birds of Prey! Grab their new T-shirt at the following link!


KENTA – GO 2 SLEEP CLUB Tee ¥4,000 incl. tax

The NEVER Openweight champion is proving himself to be an essential part of BULLET CLUB. Check out his latest Tee from Harujuku-based designer rvddw. Visit his website below to check it out!


LIJ Hoodie ¥7,000 incl. tax

Check out these awesome new hoodies from LIJ! Made from windproof material this lightweight hoodie is perfect for making your outdoor activities ungovernable!

Black & Grey:


Black & White: