Merch line-up for New Japan showdown revealed!



Merch line-up for New Japan showdown revealed!

In what’s shaping up to be a truly momentous tour of the US West Coast, NJPW is unveiling its merchandise line-up for the New Japan Showdown events in San Jose (Nov. 9) and Los Angeles (Nov. 11).


In addition to these awesome goods, anyone spending over $100 at the venues will receive a FREE “I LOVE NJPW” T-shirt! With both brand new items as well as the most popular items in Japan, it’s our most exciting merch line-up for any US event! Read more about this awesome campaign here:




New Japan Showdown Event T-Shirt ($30) NEW!

The official tee of New Japan Showdown. A guaranteed conversation starter with any New Japan fan!


Lion Mark San Jose T-Shirt ($30)  NEW!

Inspired by the colors of the San Jose Sharks, this Tee is a must for any San Josean fan of New Japan!


Mochineko Hachiware ($45) (aka Daryll Takahashi) NEW!

Hiromu’s constant companion, Daryll is coming to America!


Mochineko Naoru ($45) NEW! 

The newest addition to the Takahashi family, Naoru is also coming to the USA!


Jyushin Thunder Liger Pun-Pun Cap Red ($45) NEW!

The cap that’s taking the wrestling world by storm, grab yours at New Japan Showdown!


Jyushin Thunder Liger Scarf Towel ($30) NEW!

The official scarf towel of Jyushin Thunder Liger. Wear it proudly as Liger makes his final appearance in the USA!


Rainmaker Dollar Shooter ($55) NEW!

Make it rain money with the Rainmaker Dollar Shooter! Recreate Kazuchika Okada’s classic ring entrance with this cool toy!

  • Use in event venue is strictly prohibited


IWGP Heavyweight Belt Strap ($20) NEW!

The most prestigious key ring of all time! Also functions as an awesome wrist band!


IWGP Intercontinental Belt Strap ($20) NEW!

This beautiful belt has ignited the passions of New Japan’s greatest wrestlers! Now available as a keychain! Also functions as an awesome wrist band!


Lion Mark Color Logo Hoodie 2019 ($60) NEW!

Classic, stylish and all around cool! The latest edition of the Lion Mark hoodie is our most popular yet!


Naito Destino Scarf towel ($25)

El Ingobernable is coming to San Jose, he’s coming to Los Angeles! What are you waiting for cabrón? Buy his scarf towel and show your support!


Taguchi Japan Scarf Towel USA ($25) NEW!


Fighting Spirit Unleashed Tee ($30)


Philly Lion Mark Tee ($30)

Tiger Hattori Retirement Tee ($30)

LA Dojo Tee ($30)

Jyushin Thunder Liger Tee ($40)

Super J Cup Tee ($30)

San Francisco Lion Mark Tee ($30)

Los Angeles Lion Mark Tee ($30)


NYC Lion Mark Tee  ($30)


Lion Mark Classic Red Tee ($30)

Lion Mark Classic Black Tee ($30)

LIJ Cap Black & White ($40)

NJPW Pen set ($20)


Bullet Club Mechanical Pencil ($15)


Bullet Club Umbrella ($60)


TomyTec Bus Yellow ($20)


TomyTec Bus Red ($20)


Lion Mark Ticket Holder Red ($20)


Lion Mark Ticket Holder Black ($20)

NJPWxLOGOS Folding Chair Set Full Color ($40)



NJPWxLOGOS Folding Chair Set Silver ($40)



Kota Ibushi Tote Bag ($30)

Chaos Hand Towel ($10)


BULLET CLUB Hand Towel ($10)


NJPW Scarf Towel (2019) ($25)

Tanahashi AISHITEMAAACE! Scarf Towel ($25)


LIJ Reversible Sports Towel ($50)

Golden Lovers Hoodie Towel ($55)


NJPW Sports Towel 2019 Blue Yellow White ($30)