Wrestle Kingdom Rewind: The Newest, The Strongest 【WK15】

After six years Shinsuke Nakamura took on Yoshihiro Takayama for the second time in the Tokyo Dome at Wrestle Kingdom 4.

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While Shinsuke Nakamura would truly begin the King of Strong Style era in the 2010s, he ended the decade prior having already won his third and final IWGP Heavyweight Championship. In the coming years, it would be the Intercontitnental title that would define Nakamura, but before the white and gold, there was only one prize to gun for, and Nakamura had it. 

His opponent in the main event of January 4 2010 was the giant Yoshihiro Takayama. Six years prior, the two had met in a double championship bout over the NWF and IWGP Heavyweight Championships, a match that Nakamura just barely came out on top of. Now Takayama was eager to see how much Nakamura ‘evolved’ in the intervening years.

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