CMLL Fantasticamania 2020 night 8 Preview

Two title matches headline as Fantasticamania reaches its Korakuen conclusion.


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The annual lucha libre fiesta that is Fantasticamania reaches its conclusion on Monday January 20. With some of the biggest matches of the tour saved for last, it should be a thrilling night in Korakuen Hall. 


Main Event- NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship: Barbaro Cavernario vs Caristico

The NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship is being defended for the first time since April 2019 in our main event, with a rematch of that last championship contest; Caristico taking on Barbaro Cavernario. 

The ‘historic’ designation harkens back to a relationship between CMLL and the NWA in America that went back to 1952 and CMLL’s original EMLL name. Since becoming the historic championship in 2010, it has garnered a reputation for long title reigns; Caristico is only the eighth champion in nearly a decade, and Cavernario has a tough task coming up. 

One of the most popular members of the CMLL roster in Japan, Cavernario nonetheless had a difficult singles record in 2019. Despite starting the year with a win in Korakuen against Soberano Jr., Cavernario went on to a mere 1-3 record in singles matches away from home, with losses to Ryu Lee and Rush in America, and to Robbie Eagles in the UK. Caristico meanwhile would gain success abroad, reaching the semi-finals of the Super J-Cup in 2019 in the US, all part of a strong and active 16-6-1 in singles competition through 2019. Can the champion continue his strong form into 2020?

6th Match- National 6-Man Tag Team Championships: Titan, Niebla Roja & Angel De Oro vs Forastero Cuatrero & Sanson

909 and counting. That’s the tough number of days that Titan, Niebla Roja and Angel De Oro have to overcome in the semi-main event, with Nueva Generacion Dinamita not having lost a championship trios bout in three and a half years. Their V11 reign includes one victory in Fantasticamania 2019 over two of their opponents tonight: Angel De oro and Titan. Now with Niebla Roja added to the mix, can a dynamite dynasty be toppled in Korakuen Hall? Certainly last night’s non-title result would suggest so, but with belts on the line, will the record books reflect that of the Family Tag Tournament this weekend: that Korakuen is Dinamita Territory?

5th Match: Stuka Jr., Soberano Jr. & Satoshi Kojima vs OKUMURA, Ultimo Guerrero & Negro Casas

After clashes between Ultimo Guerrero and Satoshi Kojima and Stuka Jr. and OKUMURA Sunday, and after Negro Casas and nephew Tiger lost to Soberano Jr. and his father Euforia in the third place playoff of the family tag tournament Friday, opponents come together one more time in this trios bout. Will superiority be reinforced, or will revenge be earned before Fantasticamania comes to an end?

4th Match: Yuya Uemura, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Dulce Gardenia vs Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi, BUSHI & EVIL)

After three nights of Dulce Gardenia and various partners taking on the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champions, he now teams with Hiroshi Tanahashi and Yuya Uemura in one last attempt to score a win over the new champs. Shingo has been critical of Gardenia’s lack of commitment when it comes to his partners, or objects of affection. Can a reunion with the Ace pay dividends?

3rd Match: Guerrero Maya Jr., Audaz & Flyer vs Namajague, Luciferno & Euforia

The experienced Guerrero Maya Jr. leads a pair of youthful high flying firebrands in Audaz and Flyer in the second match of the evening. Can they overcome the devious tactics of their rudo coutnerparts?

2nd Match: Tiger Mask vs Tiger

A fantasy feline bout comes second on the billing tonight. The kind of singles bout that can only happen at Fantasticamania, will it be the Japanese Tiger Mask or Mexican Tiger that can claim they are the world’s biggest cat in ring?

1st Match: Ryusuke Taguchi & Fuego vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru & DOUKI

The evening kicks off with Ryusuke Taguchi teaming one more time with Fuego. The two have been as successful as their dancing entrances have been spectacular, but can they overcome thew aggression of DOUKI and Kanemaru?