Lucha fans turn out to meet Carístico

Over 100 fans of Lucha Libre came to the old Tokon Shop in Suidobashi to meet the sensational luchadore Carístico.

Many were wearing Carístico masks, showing their support for the tecnico.

Fans flocked from all over the country including as far away as Sapporo and included both new fans as well as die-hards who regularly travel to Mexico to watch Lucha Libre in its home country.

Speaking through a translator, fans were about to wish Carístico well and in turn, Carístico was able to show his appreciation to his supporters.

Comment from Carístico:

I’m so glad I got this opportunity from NJPW and I want to thank them for giving me the chance to meet my Japanese fans. I really want to get to know Japan more. This year I want to enter the Super Juniors and to win the IWGP Jr. belt. Finally I want to thank all the fans who have come out to support me. Thanks for having me back in Fantasticamania, you always make me feel so welcome when I come. Long live New Japan, Long live CMLL!