Manabu Nakanishi to meet fans in Suidobashi!

Manabu Nakanishi will be making an appearance in the official NJPW event space (located at the old Suidobashi shop) and meet with fans! Come and thank Nakanishi for his decades of service before his official retirement! 



Day & Time:February 15 (Sat) 14:00~
Participants:Manabu Nakanishi
Location:NJPW event space (located at the old Suidobashi shop)
Chiyoda-ku, Misaki-cho, 2-10-5 2F
Directions:3 mins walk from Suidobashi station, JR Sobu line, 10 mins walk from Suidobashi station, Toei Mita line, 10 mins walk from Korakuen station, Marunouchi line / Nanboku line
Max no. of fans:100


【How to participate】

Starting Friday January 31, tickets will be distributed to those interested in attending should they purchase over ¥3,000 worth of goods in the Suidobashi shop (tickets to events excluded). Please note that once the maximum number of tickets have been distributed we cannot distribute any more. 

On the day of the event, please gather at the store 5 mins in advance.


★Please be aware

A photographer for the official NJPW website will be in attendance at the event and will be taking pictures.

If you are uncomfortable with your picture being on the official website please inform the staff.

The event will take place at the old shop (now the NJPW event space), so please double-check the location


<Please Note>

  • Entry is limited to two per person, customers purchasing  ¥9,000 or more worth of goods may only receive two tickets.
  • Autographs are limited to specially prepared commemorative cards to help the event proceed smoothly. Please refrain from bringing personal items, even those related to Manabu Nakanishi.
  • It is not possible to have your picture taken with the wrestlers so please refrain from doing so. In addition, please refrain from photography inside the store for the duration of the event.
  • One formal signing card will be given to each fan on the presentation of a valid ticket
  • Entry will not be permitted to those without a ticket, so please don’t lose it
  • This event is planned to last for 90 mins, but will only end when there are no more fans waiting
  • Please note that you may not purchase merchandise in store during this time
  • Please note that the event may be postponed or canceled due to bad weather, traffic conditions or injuries.

Please follow the above rules as it allows as many people as possible to meet Nakanishi-san.

Thank you for your understanding

 Inquiries NJPW shop in Suidobashi (+81) 03-3511-9901