Regarding refunds to cancelled NJPW events


Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. 

As a result of the Coronavirus/COVID-9 global pandemic, NJPW events have been cancelled from March 1 onward. Additionally, due to the national state of emergency declared by the Japanese government, the refund period for certain events has been extended in order to make attaining reunds easier. 

The following is a master list of refund procedures to check.  NJPW continues to monitor the developing situationwith regards to Coronavirus, and will make further announcements on the status of NJPW events.

Sakura Genesis 2020

March 31, Ryogoku 

Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2020

April 11, Kanagawa

April 12, Shizuoka

April 13, Yamanashi

April 15, Fukui

April 16, Ishikawa 

April 18, Kanagawa

April 19, Korakuen Hall

April 20, Korakuen Hall

April 21, Korakuen Hall 

April 23, Osaka

April 24, Hyogo

April 25, Ehime

April 27, Hiroshima

Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni 

April 29, Kagoshima 

Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2020

April 30, Kumamoto

May 1,  Oita

Wrestling Dontaku 2020

May 3 Fukuoka 

May 4 Fukuoka

Best of the Super Junior 27

May 12, Korakuen Hall

May 13, Korakuen Hall

May 14, Korakuen Hall

May 16, Yamagata

May 17, Iwate

May 18, Fukushima

May 19, Miyagi

May 21, Korakuen Hall

May 22, Korakuen Hall

May 23, Korakuen Hall

May 24, Ibaraki

May 27, Nagano

May 28, Aichi

May 29, Osaka  

May 30, Osaka 

June 1, Ehime

June 2, Kagawa

June 4, Korakuen Hall

June 6, Ota