NJPW STRONG Preview: Lion’s Break Crown round 1 【NJoA】

The best eight young talents do battle in Lion’s Break Crown

As the very best of wrestling’s present does battle in the G1 Climax, the very best stars of the future are battling it out on Friday nights in Lion’s Break Crown! This thrilling eight man tournament gets underway Friday night, with the following first round matchups.

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Main event: Adrian Quest vs Blake Christian

The main event of STRONG will see the first round complete when Adrian Quest takes on Blake Christian. Two young high fliers with immense potential, Quest and Christian have wowed fans on NJPW STRONG in recent weeks, but with the hard ask of three singles matches back to back required of the winner, who will have the heart to survive in Lion’s Break Crown?

3rd match: Danny Limelight vs Barrett Brown

Danny Limelight takes on Barrett Brown in the first round of Lion’s Break Crown. Brown is a long time mainstay on the independent scene, and sees this tournament as his ultimate chance to break into the mainstream. With a focused demeanour showing through in recent weeks on STRONG, Brown has declared that he will bring ‘substance over style’ and a greater will to win than anyone in the tournament. Limelight needs to recover from a painful loss to Rocky Romero at Fighting Spirit Unleashed, but lessons learned may see him combine style and substance in equal measure. Who wins out?

2nd Match: Jordan Clearwater vs Clark Connors

Clark Connors will take on Jordan Clearwater in the second match of the evening. Connors is the favourite of many in the tournament, while Clearwater, depsite clear size and potential, has yet to pick up his first win in NJPW. The forward thinking Clearwater sees the Crown and NJPW STRONG at large as a chance to ‘build his brand’ in his own words, but he’ll have to focus on building a gameplan to take on the tough LA Dojo standout. 

1st Match: Logan Riegel vs The DKC

Rounding out the bracket, Loan Riegel and the DKC will face off. DKC made his first NJPW appearance during Lion’s Break Collision, and since then has impressed with his attitude and work ethic within the ring, with equal parts intensity and ability. His first win remains elusive however, and after Logan Riegel picked up the victory in last week’s eight man tag team preview, the momentum is in Riegel’s corner. The question is whether tag team specialist Riegel can apply obvious potential to a singles environment.