NJPW STRONG preview: Generational and Openweight clashes on NEVER night 1 【NJoA】

Finlay and Cobb to face BULLET CLUB in tag team main event


The next two Friday nights on NJPW STRONG see the action of NEVER. A two episode spectacular, NEVER will bring first time matchups with weight limits and experience levels out the window, as new names take on established stars and junior heavyweights face heavyweights.

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Main event: Jeff Cobb & David Finlay vs BULLET CLUB (KENTA & Chase Owens)

The headline match on night one of NEVER sees David Finlay and Jeff Cobb in tag team action against KENTA and Chase Owens. While BULLET CLUB have been seemingly impervious on Friday nights, last week’s elimination match on the Lion’s Break Crown final evening saw disrder in the black and white corner for the first time. Rocky Romero stunned Jay White by throwing him over the top rope to the floor, and when David Finlay was left alone with Chase Owens and KENTA, he managed to eliminate both men to stand triumphant. 

Finlay will be looking to press that advantage against KENTA tonight. The IWGP US Heavyweight Championship contender might have a case that any claim from Finlay to challenge is somewhat weak, a pinfall victory in this tag match would instantly solidify it, and mean KENTA would have a big match on his hands immediately after the G1 Climax. Meanwhile as Jeff Cobb buzzes from scoring his own win over Jay White and BULLET CLUB in G1 action last week, the chance for further revenge after a controversial and bitter loss at the hands of KENTA and Owens at Fighting Spirit Unleashed. 

3rd Match: PJ Black vs Alex Zayne

A battle of youth versus experience in the third match of the evening sees well travelled veteran PJ Black face fast rising sensation Alex Zayne. Innovative offense will be the order of the day in what should be a fast paced and fascinating first time ever matchup. With the chance on the table to get a signature win over a wrestler with global credentials, will Zayne step up in a big way, or will it be Black making his own mark on NJPW STRONG?

2nd Match: TJP vs Hikuleo

Perfectly celebrating the ‘openweight’ element of NEVER, TJP takes on Hikuleo Friday. BULLET CLUB’s Young Gun carries super heavyweight size, but the Fil-Am Flash has super heavyweight experience. That’s experience the veteran will need to lean on when it comes to taking on a man the size of Hikuleo; with a deep pocket of submissions and grappling mastery to draw on, will there be a secret weapon within that’s enough to chop down the tall tree that is Haku’s youngest son?

1st Match: Misterioso vs Danny Limelight

Kicking off NEVER will be Misterioso taking on Danny Limelight. After Limelight impressed in Lion’s Break Crown, going all the way to the final and pushing Clark Connors to the brink in his losing effort, he now tests himself against heavyweight competition in Misterioso. 

While junior heavyweight Limelight certainly brings style and substance, heavyweight luchador Misterioso is his own impressive blend of agility and power, and will look to show both off as he tries to improve his position in the Friday night pecking order.