NJPW STRONG Preview: JR Kratos debuts 【NJoA】

Super heavyweight star makes NJPW debut Friday on STRONG



Friday night on NJPW STRONG sees the second night of the Road to Showdown, with the two week spectacular itself taking over the second half of November on Friday nights. 

Watch NJPW STRONG Fridays at 10e/9c!

Main event: JR Kratos & Rust Taylor vs Rocky Romero & Jeff Cobb

The main event Friday sees Jeff Cobb partner with Rocky Romero as they face Rust Taylor, making his return to NJPW for the first time since lion’s Break Collision, and the imposing monster JR Kratos. 

Taylor and Romero had teamed together during Lion’s Break Collision this past July, but the tandem quickly dissolved, as Taylor grew frustrated at what he perceived was Romero not pulling his weight. An angry confrontation backstage seemed destined to play out in the ring, and now, after a while to think and strategise, Taylor is back and he’s brought a terrifying partner. 

A well known, and much feared figure on the Californian independent scene, Kratos’ career, battle tested on the American roadways, started in similar form and the same places as Jeff Cobb’s. The two travelled together before both competed on the world stage, Cobb with NJPW and Kratos with All Japan earlier in the year. Now in the same place at the same time once more, Kratos has a clear target in mind to make a name off of in the cerulean blue. 

2nd Match: Chase Owens vs Danny Limelight 

Chase Owens has been a difference maker for Jay White this week as his tag work with KENTA and the Switchblade has led to BULLET CLUB victories in Korakuen Hall on the Road to Power Struggle. On the road to Showdown, however, he’s in singles competition, against the dynamic Danny Limelight. 

After his finals loss in Lion’s break Crown to Clark Connors, Limelight suffered another disappointing result against Misterioso during NEVER. A win against an experienced and accomplished competitor like Owens would be more than enough to swing momentum back in his corner.

1st Match: Fred Rosser vs Jordan Clearwater

The opening contest on Friday sees another young hopeful looking to make his mark against experienced competition. Jordan Clearwater is still yet to get a win in NJPW; one over ‘Mr. No Days Off’ would be huge for the ‘personal brand’ the young man is eager to build. Rosser though has his own established brand, and one honed with a fresh aggression on Friday nights. How will Clearwater fare against the globally travelled superstar Rosser on NJPW STRONG?