Powerful Tekkers: ZSJ & Taichi retain in Korakuen Hall

Dangerous Tekkers log second successful defence


The Road to Power Struggle continued on November 2, with YOSHI-HASHI and Hirooki Goto challenging IWGP Tag Team Champions Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi in the main event. 

After some typical theatrics from Taichi, the match started with YOSHI-HASHI in the challenger’s corner landing an impressive head scissors and shoulder knock down to ZSJ to take control. Not even Taichi’s blatantly illegal entrance put a damper on the challenger’s form early as Goto hit a double lariat to both men, but a distraction from the Holy Emperor led to a neck snap, an the flow of the match changing at the five minute mark. 

The champions took firm of Goto in the ring and out, with legit stretches from Sabre and chokes from Taichi, followed by a Gamengiri for two. The Taichi trousers came off at the ten minute mark, but Goto prevented an early night, blocking a Dangerous backdrop and landing a rolling lariat. 

YOSHI-HASHI managed a run of offense on both champions, but the pugnacious ZSJ insisted on a heel hook, and prevented any attempt at escape. A Dragon Whip did get some time for the Headhunter though, and Goto was back inside, rattling off elbows to Sabre before a lariat was countered into an Octopus Stretch; Goto suplexed out of the hold, but Taichi prevented a double team from the challengers, with a vicious penalty kick rattling Goto’s skull. 

ZSJ followed with a triangle DDT, floating effortlessly into a tight triangle on Goto, while Seitei Jujiro from Taichi kept YOSHI-HASHI at bay. As Goto stood, a head kick from Taichi and the challenger seemed all but unconscious, but YOSHI-HASHI prevented the Zack Mephisto and allowed for GYR, Taichi just barely kicking out. 

As all four men began to fight on adrenaline alone a Dangerous Backdrop from Taichi saw Goto pop back up and land a lariat that rocked the Holy Emperor, bringing YOSHI-HASHI back inside. The Headhunter refused to fall from a Taichi Ax Bomber, and landed a powerbomb for two, ZSJ making the save, but only to get nailed with a Headhunter, YOSHI-HASHI hitting a Swanton to Taichi at the 25 minute mark and sinking in the Butterfly Lock. 

The furious YOSHI-HASHI refused to let go of the hold even with stiff kicks from Sabre, and the Headhunter clamped the yhold in tighter as Goto tackled the Briton, leaving Taichi to inch his way to the ropes. A Karma attempt followed instead, but Taich found a momentary distraction to kick YOSHI-HASHI low and get a Gedo Clutch for two, leveling Goto with a Gamengiri when he attempted to defuse the situation. 

As the match passed 30 minutes, the proud and fierce YOSHI-HASHi stood back up and traded heavy blows with Taichi connecting with a superkick and lariat for two each before Kumagoroshi scored for two point five. The run of offense gave enough time for Goto to recover, and he hit the ring as the challengers tried GYW, but ZSJ had similarly recovered enough for a Holy Zack Driver, which still wasn’t enough to end the bout.  

A groggy YOSHI-HASHI continued to bring the fight, but a momentary counter was what it took in the end. A Zack mephisto landed and the champions retained. Not even Toru Yano’s interference to declare a no corner pads match for Power Struggle dampened ZSJ and Taichi’s spirits, but YOSHI-HASHI and Goto certainly tested the champions’ mettle in Korakuen Hall.