World Tag League update: night 4

  Four teams top table after four nights of tag action

THE EMPIRE, Guerrillas of Destiny, EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi an Shingo Takagi & SANADA top World Tag League 2020 after four nights, with Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens, and HenarACE ending the night’s action in Nagano still bottom of the table at zero points. 

It was Fale and Owens kicking off the league action as they headed to the ring to face Shingo Takagi and SANADA fresh off their Korakuen Hall main event win over Dangerous Tekkers. The BULLET CLUB side started aggressively, but were quickly countered, SANADA and Shingo taking over on Owens. 

As ever, BULLET CLUB found their footing on the floor, hurling their opponents at the guardrails. SANADA was pressured, but a failed Paradise Lock attempt by Owens created an opening to bring Shingo inside. Takagi felled Fale with a Pumping Bomber, and although the Rogue general and Owens worked effectively, Owens almost droppng SANADA with a Package Piledriver, and getting within milliseconds on a pair of roll-ups, the O’ Connor Bridge sealed the deal to send SANADA and Owens to six points. 

Eager to pick up his game alongside Toa Henare, Hiroshi Tanahashi effectively controlled YOSHI-HASHI in the early phase of the evening’s  second league bout, and HenarACE locked a double crab on the Headhunter. Swift motion from YOSHI-HASHI though, and he was able to trip Henare, leading to Goto coming in and double team work putting Henare on the back foot.  

Amazing strength from the Maori Warrior saw him dig deep to suplex Goto, and Henare battled both men, but fell victim to a double team Ushigoroshi. Tanahashi evened the odds, with a high-low Slingblade, and a Rampage Tackle found the mark for Henare on YOSHI-HASHI, but the Toa Bottom didn’t connect. A Dragon Screw to Tanahashi and the GYW to Henare and the match was over.

Back from break, EVIL’s request to start the match opposite Tomohiro Ishii proved to be a ruse, but he did get his licks in when tripping the Stone Pitbull. Toru Yano fought fire with fire however, and removed the turnbuckle pads to level Yujiro Takahashi, only to be hoisted on his own petard and into his own exposed steel buckle. 

With Dick Togo on the floor, BULLET CLUB enjoyed a three on one advantage with Yano isolated, but when Ishii entered the fray, the numbers game was turned on its head as Ishii sent Yujiro into EVIL and the turnbuckles before a backdrop to EVIL connected. Dick Togo’s interference was similarly averted as Ishii landed a German suplex, and Yano attempted to pin EVIL with the same schoolboy that saw him to G1 victory, but this time a kick out and a low blow was the response. Ishii and Yano came close with a lariat and schoolboy, but a pair of blows beneath the beltline and the EVIL to Yano gave the win to BULLET CLUB. 


With both teams looking to join the pack at six points, Juice Robinson started his match for FinJuice opposite a former road partner in Jeff Cobb for THE EMPIRE. Quickly negating Cobb’s strength, quick tags and teamwork worked well for the early phase of the match, but sent outside, Juice fell victim to a powerful knee lift from O-Khan.

After painful control from THE EMPIRE, Juice rolled his way to Finlay at the ten minute mark. Big hits to O-Khan and a big suplex to Cobb followed, but O-Khan relied on his judo to take Finlay down, before a poerful series of gutwrench suplexes scored on the New Japan Cup USA finalist. 

Juice came back in and landed a cannonball to Cobb, but O-Khan’s Eliminator connected. Finlay escaped both the Eliminator grip and a Tour of the Islands with a swining DDT, but as he went for Prima Nocta a second tour landed to give Cobb and O-Khan the win. 

The Guerrillas of Destiny got the jump on Dangerous Tekkers before the main event bell, attacking Taichi on his entrance, and starting a wild brawl up to the stage, the tag champions almost suplexing G.o.D off the side of the staging area before being brought inside. Still things didn’t settle down, and again both teams fought up to the stage, this time a guillotine choke and Seitei Jujiro applied before Dangerous Tekkers sprinted to the ring and almost scored a ring out victory. 

Finally in the ring, a cane shot from Jado stopped a ZSJ choke on Loa, and Tonga kept the pressure on Sabre until a diving corkscrew elbow brought Taichi in with strangle holds all round, including to Jado. With Tama and ZSJ back inside, the pace quickened, Sabre getting the edge with a PK to Tama, but Loa’s sudden entry stopped a Dangerous Tekkers double team and led to Guerrilla Warfare for two. 

Tonga attempted to end things with the Gunstun, only to get caught by Sabre into an armbar, the hold reversed into a Scorpion Deathlock before the Briton got a kneebar, Tonga tapping but the referee distracted by Jado. A series of weapon shots followed, Sabre using Jado’s cane to pound on Loa, but Tama Tonga using Taichi’s Iron Finger From Hell to pick up the victory.