Fale vs Yano: KOPW2020 fan vote underway!

Vote for the stipulation on December 23

On December 11, Toru Yano and CHAOS stood opposite BULLET CLUB in tag team action, in a match that saw Yano try repeatedly to slam Fale to little or no avail. Post match, Fale showed Yano how the move was applied, before destroying Yano’s KOPW 2020 trophy. That led to an official challenge being set for December 23!

Fale will challenge Yano for the KOPW 2020 status in Korakuen Hall on December 23. With the event being the last on the NJPW calendar this year, its winner will officially be the King of Pro-Wrestling for 2020 before the title starts afresh next year. So who will win, and more importantly, under what rules?

Fale has proposed a Bodyslam Match. Quite simply, this means that the first to slam their opponent will be the victor, a stipulation that certainly favours the big man. 

For Yano, the proposal is Bodyslam or Last Corner Pad Removed match. Under Yano’s rules, the first to slam their opponent will win, but you can also win by removing the four cornerpads on the ring; the person to remove the last pad will be the winner. Here, Yano’s speed could well counteract Fale’s size. 

Voting is underway NOW on Twitter, and runs until noon JST on December 22! Whose rules will count in Korakuen? 

Vote now!