Kojima secures IMPACT Tag Opportunity 【NJoA】

Win over Rhino gives Satoshi Kojima and Eddie Edwards title shot

After falling short in singles competition at Against All Odds last weekend, Satoshi Kojima found his winning ways once more this week on IMPACT defeating Rhino to, per a pre-match stipulation, earn an IMPACT Tag team Championship opportunity against Violent By Design. 

Rhino showed his power in the opening moments of the match, bowling Kojima over with a tackle and shrugging off right elbows to land another. Kojima was able to respond with a back elbow and then an elbow drop however, sending Rhino bailing to the floor for a strategy meeting with his VBD teammates. 

Coached by Eric Young to bring more aggression, Rhino choked Kojima in the corner before grounding the veteran with a back elbow and a neck crank. Kojima was able to avoid a corner charge from his opponent however, and rattled off the machine gun chops before the Bakayaro elbow for two. A discus elbow would follow for Kojima, who countered a German suplex attempt with a DDT. 

Kojima couldn’t get the follow up Koji Cutter though, cut off with a Rhino belly to belly. Kojima sidestepped a Gore to connect with the Koji Cutter on the second attempt however, and the lariat connected to pick up the victory. Kojima and Edwards will now challenge for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships at a later date.